I just recently became aware of this amazing program by the lovely ladies at Book Soulmates, called R.A.K. which stands for Random Acts of Kindness. I think this is the most amazing thing I've seen. It's a way for fellow book bloggers to help other book bloggers to get books that they have been wanting. So I joined up, and am already planning books to buy for people! I figured I could post my wishlist somewhere on my blog, just to show what books that I am interested in reading. I also realized you can make a wishlist at bookdepository so I have one for there too, since they have free shipping! So that's the one I'm going to post on here, because I'm going to keep it more updated then the one on amazon.

Book Depository - If you haven't checked out this site you really should!

Here's just a few of the books that are on this list.

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Across the Universe
Boyfriends with Girlfriends
Anna Dressed in Blood
Drink, Slay, Love
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
The Faerie Ring
The Beginning of After
Deadly Cool
Hunting Lila
The Sharp Time